Mistress Blunt

Dominatrix Combines Food and BDSM

Chefs tend to like food bloggers in the same way athletes like jock itch, but every once and a while a blogger comes along that demands to be noticed – especially one dressed in heels, a black corset and fishnets, carrying a big old whip.

Mistress Blunt is a 25-year-old “photographer, writer, dominatrix and hedonist” who, when she is not exploring pain or training people to be human furniture, writes a blog called See Mistress Cook.


While combining recipes and food photography with a window into the BDSM scene seems a little, well, unusual, it kind of works. After all, food has been sexy since forever and who doesn’t enjoy dripping hot fat onto a blindfolded lover before teasing them for hours with a giant zucchini… or is that just us?

Anyway, the folks at Vice Munchies caught up with Mistress Blunt for an extended interview on how and where the worlds of kink and cuisine collide for the delicious dominatrix. Check it out.

Of course, the whole BDSM thing has blown up with the immense popularity of 50 Shades of Gray, and who can forget the killer SNL 50 Shades/ amazon.com commercial spoof.


Now, there’s a whole Barnes & Noble full of 50 Shades-inspired “mommy porn”, not to mention some things that veer into the land of parody like a cheeky ebook called “50 Shades of Cucumber” that brings food right back to the fetish.

The whole thing kinda gives us an idea for a new restaurant concept where the chairs and tables are human beings, the servers are downright abusive and customers have to beg for their meal.