2015 Food Trends

With any luck you had a little down time over the holidays. Sure, you could have caught up on sleep, but we know you were reading up on what the “experts” are predicting will be the hot new food trends for 2015.

A fistful of studies are out, including the annual release from the National Restaurant Association, the view from Technomic and the annual trends report from industry analysts AF&Co., now in its eighth year.

According to the NRA, trends to watch in the New Year include everything from hyper-local (AKA made-in-house) to food waste reduction.

Technomic sees attention being paid to Instagram-friendly plating and restaurant lighting.

AF& Co.’s report, The Pleasure Principle, is in-depth, drilling down to specific ingredients – like spices – and dishes – apparently, scrambled eggs are the new devilled egg.

Of course, you’re going to do whatever the hell you want, trends be damned, but there’s some interesting stuff here anyway.

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