Top Chef Canada: All-stars contestants include Calgary chef Connie Desousa

Top Chefs Sport Medium Rare Gear on All-star Season 5

Way back in September 2016 an email landed in our general inbox that had us pretty pumped.

It was a producer for Top Chef Canada asking if we’d be interested in outfitting the “cheftestants” for Season 5. A few emails and a confidentially agreement or two later and we were off to the races.

The twist for the new season was that participating chefs were “all-stars” – non-winners who appeared in earlier seasons of the show. With that set-up, we knew from the get-go that Top Chef Canada: All-stars would be a hit. After all, who doesn’t like a good redemption story and what chef wouldn’t work their butts off for a second shot at the “Top Chef” title?

The production team opted to go with a classic combination that brought together our Indie chef coat in indigo and our Henry apron in denim. We had to custom embroider the jackets with each chef’s first name and the show logo, so we had a pretty good idea who would be competing long before the first episode aired April 2. Keeping a lid on things was hard, but “loose lips sink ships” (and result in lawsuits).

With two episodes done and dusted, the show is living up to its full potential. The competition is fierce, the “F” bombs are falling like rain and – if we do say so ourselves – the contestants look amazing in our gear. We couldn’t be more proud.

We’re not gonna play favourites, but we’re also pretty excited that the two Calgary-based participants are still in the hunt. Best of luck to all the contestants, and especially Chef Connie Desousa of Charcut and Charbar and  Chef Nicole Gomes, owner of Nicole Gourmet and fried chicken hot spot, Cluck 'N' Cleaver .

In case you missed the social media posts, you can also still enter to win one of five Henry aprons in a contest at Better get on it quick though, the contest closes April 18!

Top Chef Canada: All-stars airs Sundays at 10 E/P on the Food Network.

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