Burner - one of MRCA's premium chef coat

Making A Case For Quality

The origin of traditional chef whites goes back 150 years or so. It was a good idea at the time, signalling a new professionalism in the kitchen while functioning to protect the wearer. But is it still?

Rebelling against shitty, uncomfortable and unflattering whites is what led our founders to start MRCA in the first place. These two stylish dudes just couldn’t believe there weren’t better options and so Medium Rare Chef Apparel was born.

At MRCA we have plenty of customers who have said goodbye to whites completely, with the entire kitchen cooking in our mechanics shirts or Ts, dressed up with a rockin’ apron. But there are still lots of people who prefer a classic chef jacket and pants set up – albeit with the modern cuts, colours and technical fabrics we’ve become famous for.

So, what sets one of MRCA’s premium chef coats – like our Burner – apart from lesser jackets sold by other companies, and even our more entry level Grinder jackets? The answer is features and details.

It starts with cut. Everything our customers wear on the street today, from jeans to athletic gear, is more fitted. Why shouldn’t that preference be reflected in what’s available for wear in the kitchen?

Sure, you need room to move, but you don’t need a jacket so baggy you could hide a CIA intern inside. The Burner offers classic men’s tailoring with MRCA ‘core fit’ for a jacket that’s stylish and wearable.

You could go new-old school and order this jacket in white, but you can also opt for the Burner in Grey Heather or Black. Regardless of colour, the faux french cuffs look boss worn full length or rolled to the elbow. The feel, or ‘hand’, of this jacket can’t be beat.

Starting at the Nehru-style collar with its red accent buttonhole and apron STRAP-CLAMP, the Burner is loaded with features. Check out the HOT-POCKET phone and pen pockets on side of left arm, the PANIC-ROOM pocket on back, right hip designed to fit a notebook (or flask), plus FLEX-VENT and pit stank holes for maximum cooling.

While we believe a jacket has to look good, we know it also has to be hardwearing. The Burner checks both boxes. It features our poly/cotton RAREFLEX fabric with stain release. This fabric is highly breathable and moisture wicking, with anti-bacterial and stain guard coating.

Are all these features worth a little more? We think so, and MRCA customers like the crews at River Café in Calgary and The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company in Canmore agree. So, why not hook yourself up with a premium chef jacket? You bust your ass 10 – 12 hours every day, there’s no reason you shouldn’t look good and feel good while you’re doing it.