Plates x Passion pop-up at Exhibit C May 7

"First, we take Manhattan..."

Most chefs dream of going off the grid every once in a while. But those dreams don't typically involve spending 50 days cooking on an expedition cruise ship in Antarctica.

That’s just how Chef Evan Elman (AKA Dances with Penguins) rolls. His most recent adventure takes the Vancouver-based chef to decidedly on-the-grid NYC, where he’ll be helming the kitchen for a one-night pop-up at Exhibit C in SoHo on May 7.

The Plates x Passion event is being presented by Samy Road, a technology platform that connects brands with content creators. In typically serendipitous fashion, Chef Elman bumped into someone from Samy Road at a wedding a while back and this pop-up is the result.

MRCA is happy to be part of the event, outfitting the kitchen crew with some choice gear. Last time we looked, there were still a few tickets available. 

Photo Credit: 
Samy Road/Exhibit C