• Chef Shaun Edmonstone takes a break in MRCA apron.
  • Chef Shaun Edmonstone forging in Grey County.

Heading Down The Road

Chef Shaun Edmonstone will be making the trek from rural Grey County north of Toronto to Newfoundland & Labrador this fall to represent at the province’s annual Roots, Rants & Roar food and culture fest.

Running Sept. 16 and 17th in Elliston, NL, the event draws together local talent and local product, with some ‘come-from-aways’ tossed into the mix because… why not? Chef Shaun will be working alongside guys like local hero Chris Chafe, who is a 2013 James Beard house presenter and 2015 CFCC Silver Spoon winner.

Chef Shaun is a guy who understands the call of home. After graduating from George Brown College’s culinary program and working at a number of Toronto’s top restaurants and hotels he decided to head back home to Thornbury to head the culinary side of the celebrated Bruce Wine Bar and Kitchen.

A long-time supporter of MRCA, he’ll be travelling east to ‘The Rock’ kitted out in a bunch of Medium Rare gear for the event.

We wish Shaun all the best and pass along this piece of advice: chances are you’ll be asked to take part in a ‘screech-in’ ceremony to become an honorary Newfoundlander. When they ask you to get on your knees to “kiss the cod”? Just keep your eyes open brother... keep 'em open. 

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Bruce Wine Bar & Kitchen