Road Kill

Summer time and the killing is easy. Just ask one of the 1.5 million deer splattered over American highways each year.

Most chefs will eat anything, once, but most – we’d bet – would stop short of grilling up a tasty plate of road kill. The chef at the Road Kill Café in Cullen Bay, Darwin (Northern Territory) Australia -- whose motto is “you kill it, we grill it” -- might be an exception.

But you never know. According to a piece on Vice, road kill can be pretty tasty. At least, that's what 72-year-old Arthur Boyt from Bodmin Moor, England, says. He’s a taxidermist who stuffs road kill and one day he wondered why he was throwing away all that good meat.

Why not go ahead and google “road kill” images to see how tasty a possum mangled by half a ton of Detroit iron looks to you.

If you do -- and the exercise leaves you feeling a little snackish -- you may want to track down The Original Road Kill Cookbook (Ten Speed Press. 1985. ISBN 0-89815-200-3.) by Buck Peterson.

Mmmmm… road kill.

Photo Credit: 
NeilsPhotography (Flickr)