Still from web series 'The Restaurant' by TKJV Productions

Web Series Nails The Life

Easily the funniest thing ever produced about restaurant life is an ongoing web series out of Chicago called 'The Restaurant'. If you haven’t seen it yet, check Episode #5, and if you don’t pee yourself laughing ‘get the fuck outta here’!


Produced by TKJV Productions, a small production house specializing in creating original comedy driven web content, the series nails everything we love and hate about the business, from asshole customers to colleagues that show up at work brain dead.

The series features actos Alex Garday, Erin Goldsmith, Tony Krol, Alex Moss, and Jake Varta. If these guys haven't worked in the business, Academy Awards and shots of Padron all around.

You can dial into current episodes at and youtube. Follow on twitter @restaurantcrew.

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Stills from web series 'The Restaurant' by TKJV Productions