Medium Rare Chef Apparel - Rare Collection

A Rare Collection Is Born

It’s like having a baby. Not that we’ve personally ever had a baby, but we understand the process.

We listened, we tested, we pounded some beers, and then thrashed about for a bit.  Now, after nine months and some screaming, we’ve given birth to the Rare Collection.

It’s a serious bundle of awesome, with a full women’s line tirelessly fitted, tested and vetted by female chefs, plus enough gear for dudes that no matter what you’re into we’ve got you covered.

What do we got? Jackets, pants, shirts, aprons, headgear made from hardwearing performance fabrics and loaded with features that only industry guys designing industry gear would think of. All with a contemporary design and cut that let you do your thing with maximum style.

The Rare Collection has three jacket styles for men and one for women, with three new pant selections for dudes and two for women, plus a whole passel of shirts and aprons and a pile of headgear.

Making its public debut at the Restaurants Canada show in Toronto March 1 – 3, Medium Rare Chef Apparel’s Rare Collection is online and available now.

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