• MRCA's Chef Cam talks gear at NRA show in Chicago.
  • MRCA honchos Jamie Hutton (l) and Andrew Dallman (r) represent

MRCA Rocks Chicago

It’s day three of the four-day NRA show in Chicago and MRCA is kicking ass and taking names, lots and lots of names. We’ll be getting back to everyone on our list in the next few days.

Running across three halls in Chicago’s McCormick Place, to say this show is f*^king huge would be an understatement. If you’re a chef or restaurateur and you haven’t been, the energy is incredible and you need to put this event on your schedule.

Are we having fun? You bet. Are we exhausted? Yes. Are we really hungover? Well, today is better than yesterday, but the answer again is yes.

If you happen to be in Chicago, come and check us out at the show in booth #10321. We have our full Rare Collection on display and a bunch of swag to hand out.

Tuesday, the last day of the show, we’ll be selling off as much of our stock as we can so we don’t have to ship it back to Calgary.

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