Mealshare supports charities that provide healthy meals for kids going hungry.

Mealshare Aims to End Youth Hunger

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Kids going hungry is a worldwide issue: in fact, one in four children are malnourished.

It’s horrifying enough that youth hunger occurs in places like Mali, Africa. But the fact that kids are going hungry in affluent countries like Canada and the U.S. is just insane.

Mealshare is a non-profit based in Canada and committed to ending youth hunger within our lifetimes. It is partnered with more than 275 restaurants in seven cities and 43 smaller communities across Canada, and is looking to expand into the U.S.

The way Mealshare works is chimp simple. When a partner restaurant sells a Mealshare menu item (indicated with a Mealshare logo), they contribute $1 to Mealshare. Mealshare forwards most of those funds to a partner charity to purchase and provide one meal to a youth in need. The organization’s mantra is “buy one, give one”.

Medium Rare is pleased to announce we're partnering with Mealshare by providing prizes for chefs whose restaurants are participating in the Tonight for Tomorrow (TFT) fundraiser for Mealshare Wed, May 10 in Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver. 

TFT is designed to get customers excited about Mealshare and heading out to participating restaurants for a great meal and a fun night out. Philanthropist Shafin Diamond Tejani of Victory Square Technologies has stepped up to match funds, so for every $1 collected by restaurants, he'll kick in another $1. For customers, it's just another great night out at their favourite restaurant - no presentations or speeches.

Since it was established in 2013 to date, Mealshare has provided more than 1.3 million meals to kids. Only 10% of the funds raised go to administrative costs (salaries to paper clips), 70% goes to providing meals and 20% to creating awareness for the program. Mealshare has at least one local charity partner in each city it operates in, and provides 50% of the meals locally. The other 50% is provided through their international charity partner, Save the Children.

Join Medium Rare in supporting this great cause. Sign up your restaurant and when you’re out, look for the Mealshare logo on the menu. If you happen to be in Calgary, Ottawa or Vancouver May 10, grab some buds and head out to a participating resto for TFT. 

If you are in one of those cities closer to the event date, you might notice popular landmarks are lit up in orange to celebrate and raise awareness for TFT. You’ll be the cool kid ‘cause you can tell everyone why!