Top Chef Canada: All-stars is winding down.

Top Chef Canada Winding Down

And then there were three. Season 5 of Top Chef Canada, the all-star edition, is winding down.

Still standing are Chefs, Dustin, Nicole and Trevor. Chef Dennis got the boot last Sunday.

It has been a wild ride, with fan and judge favorites being asked to pack their knives. We were still reeling from Chef Connie’s too soon departure (this bad ass Calgary chef is a great supporter of Medium Rare), then Chef Jay, and last night Chef Dennis! Regardless, we’re pleased that Chef Nicole (another top-notch Calgary culinarian) is hanging in. In fact, she could win it all.

We have lots of good reasons to watch the show, but we have been particularly intent on seeing how our gear is performing. Late last year, the show’s producers asked Medium Rare if we’d be interested in outfitting the ‘cheftestants’ for Season 5.

They’ve been sporting our Indie chef coat paired with our Henry apron for the duration. The gear has seen a ton of action in the kitchen, and it keeps looking great.

Until May 31, our Indie, Burner and Hustler jackets are on sale for a mind blowing 50% off. Shop now to get the best choice of sizes and colors.

Best of luck to the remaining contestants. How they’ve been able to keep the results of the show under their hats for so long is a mystery!

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Food Network