• Terroir Hospitality Symposium 2015
  • Dana Edmunds photo of Chef and US spearfishing champ Kimi Werner

Telling Food Stories At Terroir

The 9th edition of the annual Terroir Hospitality Symposium is slated for May 10 – 13 in Toronto. The theme for the 2015 edition of Canada’s shiniest of all food business shindigs is  “Pioneering Change.”

With an A-list of presenters from across North America and around the world, the three-day fest promises to be a mind-altering experience.

The event’s organizers say they have invited presenters who are “…culinary pioneers to discuss their stories, their passions and ultimately the way in which their journey in our industry has had an effect on our culinary landscape.”

Presenters who have caught our eye include chef and (we shit you not) US National Spearfishing Champ, Kimi Werner; Sang Yoon, Chef and Owner, Lukshon and Father's Office, Los Angeles; Mark McEwan, celebrity chef and restaurateur; and Ned Bell, founder of Chefs for Oceans and Executive Chef at the Four Seasons, Vancouver.

The symposium is organized by Terroir Hospitality, a not-for-profit group that brings together innovative and creative influencers from across the hospitality field, including chefs, food and beverage experts, writers and business leaders. 



Photo Credit: 
Terroir Hospitality/Dana Edmunds