MRCA co-founder, Chef Cam D., joins business innovation panel

MRCA's Chef Cam Joins Business Panel On Innovation

Sometimes, the first step in thinking outside the box is kicking a few holes to let the light in.

Our own Chef Cam recently shook things up by joining a business panel at a lunchtime event that drew 200 or so people from across a range of industries.

The panellists, who also included Garth Johnson, CEO of Meticulon and Curtis Smith, founder and CEO of Free & Easy Traveler, were invited to discuss how they are innovating in their companies.

All the panellists had amazing things to say about how they approach innovation in their businesses. Chef Cam talked about the importance of allowing yourself to fail… and being a leader not a follower. "We don't want to follow trends, we want to be trendsetters,” he said.

But our favourite Chef Cam quote from the event is this: “One of my stupid ideas is going to be a million dollar idea.” For Cam and founding partner Andrew Dallman, MRCA turned out to be a “stupid idea” that worked.

Check out a full twittercast of the 15th Capital Ideas Calgary event here.





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Capital Ideas Calgary