• Huffington Post likes YYC restos like Container Bar in Kensington.
  • Huff Post Canada says Calgary should top your list of Canadian food destinations.

Huffington Post Says Head to YYC For Great Food

Ask anyone who has visited lately and they’ll tell you Calgary punches way above its weight in the innovative eats department.

It’s hard not to root for the home team, especially when that team is kicking ass and taking names. Huffington Post Canada food and travel blogger Ayngelina Brogan recently turned her gaze to Calgary and really dug what she found here.

A roster of MRCA’s Calgary customers, including Charbar, Phil & Sebastian coffee and Village Ice Cream, made her list of places to check out. Cam D., MRCA founding partner and chef owner of Brasserie and Container Bar, got a double nod with both shops featuring in the piece.

Calgary is taking its lumps with a downturn in oil prices hitting the city and a devastating wildfire forcing the evacuation of 90,000 people from the oilsands community of Fort McMurray to the north, but our entrepreneurial spirit and youthful energy will see the city through this rough patch.

That said, local businesses could sure use a boost from an influx of tourists. So, if you’re a Canadian looking to save a few bucks by staying closer to home, or an American who wants to see their dollar go 20% farther while enjoying some amazing chow – now’s the time to book your tix to YYC.

As if you need another reason, this year's iteration of the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, AKA the Calgary Stampede, is set to kick off July 8 for 10 days of the most fun you can have with your boots on.