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  • eatnorth.ca honcho Dan Clapson

eatnorth.ca Covers the Map... of Canada

The folks at eatnorth.ca have set themselves a daunting task: covering the diverse Canadian food scene from coast to coast to coast.*  The site recently profiled MRCA’s new Rare Collection, taking a closer look at our designed-from-the-ground-up women’s line.

Helmed by a Calgary-based but wide ranging foodista named Dan Clapson, eatnorth does an awesome job all in all. The site mixes chef and restaurant coverage with recipes, how-to videos and general cool stuff related to food here on the North Side (shameless Raptors plug).

We’re particularly stoked by a recent feature taking a look at ice fishing on Lake Winnipeg, with an accompanying recipe for deep-fried Walleye. This is hardcore Canadiana, yo.

The site also tagged along for a day in the life of Toronto-based force of nature Ivy Knight, the former chef-turned-food-writer behind swallowdaily.com. Man, we were exhausted just reading the story.

Canada is a big place, but sites like eatnorth and swallowdaily help make it feel a little more like we’re just one big, food lovin’ neighbourhood.

*TODAY'S FUN FACT: that’s right peeps, Canada has 3 coasts; Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic!

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