Breaking Good

What do you get when your dad is a chemist with a taste for the finer things – like small batch spirits? For Geoff Dillon, it’s an episode of a new show we’ll call Breaking Good; because in this show nobody dies horribly fucked up in the desert.

According to a Globe and Mail feature, Geoff and his dad, Peter, are partners along with Gary Huggins in Dillon’s Small Batch Distillers, located in Beamsville, a town in the heart of southern Ontario’s Niagara wine country.

Nearby in Toronto’s downtown core, the Momofuku complex is working with Dillon’s Distillery to make the most of the Niagara region’s harvest.

“We try as much as possible to see if there’s a local alternative we can use in all our food and drinks,” says Momofuku bar manager Jonathan Gonsenhauser, “And we just loved the story of Dillon’s, a father, son and old friend who teamed up because of their passion for spirits.”

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