Doin' it up at Toronto Eggfest with the Big Green Egg and Dickson Barbecue Centre.

Joining The Cult Of The Big Green Egg

Cults can be good or bad. Someone passes you a glass of cyanide-laced Kool-Aid in the Guyanese jungle so you can commit ‘revolutionary suicide’? Bad.

A burly, bearded dude smelling strongly of mesquite offers you a sample of tasty barbecue smoked to mouth-watering perfection on a Big Green Egg? Allllllll good.

The hundreds of people who recently made their way to the Evergreen Brick Works for Toronto Eggfest 2016 had the ‘good’ kind of cult experience. MRCA was part of the fun as a sponsor supporting our Toronto-area retail partner, Dickson Barbecue Centre.

That fans of the space-age ceramic grills can get a little cult-like in their enthusiasm isn’t surprising. Big Green Eggs are a grill, smoker and outdoor oven all rolled into one distinctive and highly functional package. Fans will say you can cook everything from a delicate meringue to a melt-in-your-mouth brisket on a Big Green Egg

From Founder Ed Fisher’s original model, Atlanta-based Big Green Egg’s product line has grown to include seven sizes of the Egg, and hundreds of accessories and related products.

So, if you feel like joining a close-knit community, skip the crazy-eyed Jonestown massacre kind of crowd and get yourself a Big Green Egg. We’ll see you at next year’s Eggfest!