Are We Overreacting to Food Alllergies?

In a lengthy feature article looks at how chefs in restaurants across North America are reacting to the tsunami of food allergies. If you’re still wondering if you should add a gluten-free option to your menu, you might be surprised to hear the back flips some kitchens are prepared to do to accommodate customers’ needs.

To put things in perspective with a little background, though, a 2013 article in a respected medical journal reported on a study that found food allergies amounted to only 6.53% in children and 9.72% in adults.

Milk, peanut, and shellfish were the most common food allergies reported by both children and adults. 

Nobody working front of house will be surprised to learn that among adults, those “of female gender and higher household education level” reported a higher prevalence of food allergies in the study.

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Eric Lebofsky/