• Medium Rare Chef Apparel launches Afterhours Beer
  • Medium Rare Chef Apparel launches Afterhours Beer

MRCA's Afterhours Beer On Tap

Mmmmm beer. We love it. We love it so much we decided to make our own brew. Inspired by MRCA’s Afterhours streetgear collection, Afterhours the beer was launched March 23 at a chill industry gathering held at Brasserie in Calgary’s Kensington district.

Beer and garments both are designed specifically with your after hours shenanigans in mind.

MRCA’s budding brewmeister, Chef Cam, developed the suds under the watchful eye of the brew staff at Calgary’s own Big Rock Brewery.

Chef Cam says the lightly hopped, Pilsner style lager, was designed with hard working restaurant people in mind.

“Focusing on industry is what we do.” He says. “This beer was designed for industry people to sit down and enjoy after work. It’s light, easy drinking and highly crushable. You can have one or 10 in a sitting." 

Asked if this could be another venture for the serial entrepreneur and MRCA co-founder, Chef Cam says, “Nahhhhh… I just like alcohol and I like fucking around with it.”

The bad news is that Afterhours, the beer, is only available on tap at Brasserie (and soon in growlers at Vine Arts) in Calgary.  The good news is that Afterhours, the streetgear, is available right here, no matter where in the world you happen to be.